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Continuing education & training

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Continuing education & training

Professional development and gaining responsibility based on good options for continuing education.

Our continuing education courses reflect current topics in practice.
Senior care and healthcare are characterised by rapid development, changing legal framing conditions. We constantly review our fields of teaching and adapt to these changes.  

Our continuing education programmes are state-recognised or hold the relevant certifications.
This is the basis for professional development and formal recognition. The recognition of qualifications already gained and/or modular solutions are both important matters for us.

Our range of services encompasses management qualifications, professional continuing education and in-house-training.
We offer continuing education courses with state recognition conforming with the Berlin Continuing Education Act for geriatric caregivers, health-care workers and nurses and also for other specialists in fields falling under the Guidelines of the European Association for Directors of Homes for the Elderly (E.D.E). You can get advanced training to become a geronto-psychiatric specialist and mentoring. Those responsible for the culture in these facilities can pursue training to become an organiser according to the guidelines of the Federal Association for Theatre Pedagogy.

Specialists in childcare and youth work were never as valuable as today.
They are needed: in day-care centres, in schools, in youth work, in support positions for teachers. They are responsible for a pedagogy that conceives of education and development as adaption, organisation, an active, sensible and social process and insists on formal and informal learning.

Comprehensive qualification is more important than ever.
We qualify State-registered Educators (social pedagogues) through different routes and with clearly identified focuses. In our full-time programme with an international profile there is a one-semester practicum abroad built in to the schedule. Those who decide to pursue a course of study in movement and sports pedagogy, will be trained in how movement has an effect on language, health, perception and creativity. In extra-occupational training you will work on-site and pursue parallel studies. There are specialisations here, too: i.e. play and theatre pedagogy or bilingual pedagogy.

Continuing and advanced training provide options for specialisation.
Inclusion, language training, media pedagogy, music and rhythm, the natural sciences, psychomotor development, play organisation, conflict moderation and mediation are just a few areas with which specialists for childcare and youth work need to be familiar.  We offer numerous qualifications in these areas including advanced training in special education: Of course it can be done part-time and combined with regular work!

In-house-training focusing on individual topics.

Every team, every organisation has its own qualification goals and needs for development. We will meet these needs and provide a fitting programme to meet them.

In-house Training Programmes & Conferences

Customised modules – on-site and specifically customised to your needs for qualification and your programme design. more

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