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In-house Training Programmes & Conferences

In-house Training Programmes & Conferences

Customised modules – on-site and specifically customised to your needs for qualification and your programme design

Some examples

  • Short teaching seminars and expertise,
  • Quality development,
  • Team development and qualification, practical introduction, leadership strategies, 
  • Help for teams in distress,
  • Planning and concept development,
  • Expert conferences on current and basic questions in social work.

We will be glad to provide additional information by e-mail or telephone.

Stiftung SPI
Fachschulen, Qualifizierung & Professionalisierung
Hallesches Ufer 32 – 38
10963 Berlin

Telephone: 030 2593739-0
Fax: 030 2593739-50
Email: fachschulen(at)stiftung-spi.de

E-Mail: fachschulen(at)stiftung-spi.de Phone: 030 2593739-0