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Vocational School for Special Education

It is normal to be different.

Everyone, with or without a handicap has the right to full and effective participation in society as well as inclusion in social life. So that this right is successfully implemented in practice for handicapped people, special education teachers assist handicapped people and/or facilitate and supervise inclusive processes. They observe with a focus on the proper use of resources and organise – always in interaction with other specialists – support services that build on this and/or provide assistance with everyday life. Special education pedagogues carry out their work especially in integrative childcare facilities, in inclusive childcare facilities, in normal classrooms or in the workshop or home.

Option of specialising in the field of special education

If you would like to specialise in the field of special education after having concluded training as a teacher or other definitive training (recognition on request), our Vocational School for Special Education provides the opportunity for practical training. Here you will meet teachers with practical experience who can provide you with the necessary foundations as well as the method and means for everyday work at such facilities.

More on Vocational School for Special Education (German language only)

E-Mail: fachschulen(at)stiftung-spi.de Phone: 030 2593739-0